Transformation Journey SPAIN 16-09-2016 t/m 26-09-2016
Spain, with the exception of the northern parts of Norway and Sweden is probably the oldest country of Europe. Multiple explorers suspect that, especially in the South of Spain, important connections are with the lost civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Areas such as Andalusia and Murcia are seen as a melting pot of ancient civilizations. Many caves, stone circles and tombs are the silent witness of the magic of these cultures and some of these we will certainly visit.
Andalusia, with its extensive coastline and the proximity to Africa, across the Strait of Gibraltar, has always been a region that was discovered and inhabited by new tribes. One of the appealing tribes that Murcia and Andalusia have populated were the Phoenicians. Also here you can find the link with Atlantis. The gods of the Phoenicians are named after the Kings of Atlantis. The Phoenician tribes are seen as people of spirituality, dreams and predictions. Therefore, we will follow the tracks of these lost civilizations.
In our search for old energies, the forces and processes of nature are an important part of the journey. The old Phoenicians also believed strongly in the power of nature and many of their gods and goddesses are connected to these forces. Since november 2015 there’s special interest in Murcia because of the discovery of two black spheres from outer space. Speculations about the possibility that these spheres are extraterrestrial objects. If the spheres are actually alien or not, time will tell. Is clear that the region is on our list and may not be missed.

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