If you find yourself reading this it is most probably for a reason. Maybe you want to know more about your strengths or even your weaknesses, or perhaps you feel you are stuck in a rut and want to move on with your life. If this is what you are looking for I would like to help you.
I can do this using a special form of spiritual coaching that uses your own inner ‘knowledge’ and by connecting with your energy and with the help of your guides. I can help you (re) connect with your subconscious, your soul or inner child, and can help you by giving you insight into your personality and making you conscious of the lessons behind events that have taken place in your life up until now.

This method of coaching will also help you to move towards your individual life goals by helping you understand your past and  to understand how you are living your life now. Using this information you can make better choices for your future. Out of  experience I know that even a small conscious step, can make a world of difference.
I often combine coaching with various healing techniques to give my clients extra strength and energy when they need it. I use techniques like ‘Magnetizing’, Flower of Life, Crystals and Tarot.
When you are not feeling well, are hurt, anxious, suffering from low self-esteem or have psychological problems, Spiritual Coaching & Trance Healing can help you to find yourself again and regain your balance. I can help you with diverse challenges by helping you regain your strength. In some cases the ‘negative’ energy isn’t inside a person but in their house. If this is the case I can perform a ‘House Cleansing’.

An other way, additional way, to gain more awareness are spiritual travels. Would you like to combine the earthly pleasures with experiences that touch you, experiences that shed another light on yourself and your life? Then perhaps the time is ripe to come with me on a journey

My style of coaching is: humorous, vibrant, clairvoyant and clairsentient and of course always respectful and in total confidence. Feel free to take a look around my site and let me know if you would like to make an appointment.