With Transformation Journeys & Vacations the goal is to completely experience and feel the places we visit. This is only possible if there is a mutual trust. The energy must be authentic and open. This is only possible if everybody feels safes and free. To have room for a personal experience is important because this heals and fortifies the connection with your self, your own wisdom.
Standing strong together 
The traveling party will consist of like minded people. This has an added value in that it helps you to recognize situations with each other.  Experience shows that this factor gives extra support during the trip. You are with like minded souls. Fascinated by life, longing for inner peace, happiness and fulfillment. The age of the participants range from about 28 to 70. Experience has shown that age differences can give a valuable contribution to your development
Body and mind 
Vacation is important. To many it is a time to physically relax. But also spiritually, it is important to recharge your battery. My journeys are a beautiful combination of both. Would you like to combine the earthly pleasures with experiences that touch you, experiences that shed another light on yourself and your life? Then perhaps the time is ripe to come with me on a journey. Age is not important, as long as you mature in life and you are fit enough for the journey.
Closing remarks
I love being able to create journeys from the heart, it gives me immense joy and fulfillment. Not just because I receive wonderful moments, but also because I may share these and pass them on. Does life get any better? I am only able to do this because of the support and cooperation of the light world, to which I willingly surrender. I am so very grateful to the light world and hereby would like to express my gratitude to the it.