GREAT BRITAIN: Now available, Transformation Journey England 5th t/m 12th May 2018
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A journey to England is a journey filled with stories and myths. To Glastonbury, the mystical Avalon of old. The place where the magic Tor stands and where two of the most powerful energy lines cross: the Michael line and the Maria line. On no less than three places in Glastonbury these two powerful Ley lines (also called dragons lines) cross each other. They symbolize the merging of the male and the female ..... the divine marriage. The area of Druids and priestesses offer places you will never forget. I would love to take you to this heart chakra of the Earth. The land of the great goddess. The country where Josef of Arimathea, the alleged brother of Jesus, introduced the original Christianity that was attuned to the ancient Celtic traditions. But also the land of King Arthur, the wise Wizard Merlin, Saint George and the Dragon and the Green Man.
During the journey ' the power of Mystical England' we connect to the consciousness of power-places, nature and the universe. This way you can experience a special place, - power place, healing source or another old shrine-experienced with your whole heart and soul. You can find answers to questions or you may experience a form of healing of a particular part of your life of your body. The powerful energies of the places we visit, strengthen the synchronicity.

This journey is characterized by a timeless, mysterious, old and yet familiar feeling. A remembrance. You will see that the meditations and places stimulate you to grow, gain more conscious and self-realization. It offers you what you need; the people you meet, the situations that will occur. You will experience that many spiritual pieces fall into place, give you insight in the puzzle that you are. When you step outside your normal daily life routine, your consciousness also changes. You become more alert, you feel that you’re alive and living! You’re more receptive to the messages on your path. This is what this journey is all about and we will spend a lot of time on these things  in various places. Of course I will take care of the professional guidance, so you can surrender to the present.
In conclusion, it is about the total experience, in which all the parts work as mirrors. They teach you to see yourself. They reach out their hand. They are ready to help you discover your own self. It is a journey to the power places in southern England, a voyage of discovery to the power places within yourself. Come with me on this spiritual journey, become your own Explorer and discover your own unique self and see yourself in a new light! I promise you an unforgettable journey, where you'll see a lot, learn a lot, but also laugh a lot. It will be an experience you will never forget, that will change your life. I invite you to discover under loving guidance what this journey will bring to your life.

I am really looking forward to it, you too? Apply now. Don’t hesitate too long, there is only room for 8 - 10 people.