Some clients send me a review or comment after their treatments. The following reviews are placed without personal information for privacy reasons. These clients have given permission to post these comments/ reviews.
Jolanda and Stacy from Zaltbommel: house purification
My daughter and I had problems with some area’s in our house, they felt very heavy and uneasy. We both slept badly.
After Marian purified our house it felt so much bette rand lighter. Bu my daughter had still some problems with the uneasy feeling, though it improved a lot. After consulting Marian again she came back and now the house feels great and we feel great! We’re very happy with the work she has done. Marian I want to thank you for helping,listening and understand us. Marian deserves a big 10!

Jolanda from Culemborg: Home purification and healing 
My home didn’t feel right for a few years. Marian has purified my house and since then my home feels good, light and protected. Marian is a special person, she can listen carefully and really want’s to help you. Also she is very grounded and practical not at all wishy washy. I find her very intuitive and she does not think for you, which is very pleasant. She also gave me a healing that benefitted me enormously. A must!
Julia from Rossum: Spiritual coaching 
In my journey as a healer and therapist I have found the support from Marian outstanding. As well as being very beautiful on the outside she is also very beautiful on the inside! I would 100% recommend her for anyone who is looking for guidance and emotional support.
Gert from Breda: consultation 
Marian is a very special and fine person with a beautiful and powerful energy that she works with and with which she can and may help an incredible lot of people! Marian has also helped me very well with a piece of me. She helped me see this part of myself that was hidden deep inside me and is still not resolved. But now I can work on it. I am very grateful for Marian!
Dick from Breda: Home purification 
Marian immediately felt an energy/ entity in our house during a visit. It was troubling me, causing me to sleep restlessly. She very effectively removed the energy /entity and now the house feels more calm and I also sleep much better. Marian, thank you!
Brigitte from Valkenswaard: Home purification
Marian is a warm person that understands you well. She has helped me tremendously by purifying my house. To day, it feels good, I sleep better and my physical complaints are in decline. 
Elisabeth from Rotterdam: phone consultation 
All day long I had a kind of gnawing pain between my shoulder blades. While I was on the phone with my friend Marian, I happened to mention this. Marian connected energetically with my pain and 'saw' the place where angels might have their wings. It had to do with ‘spreading my own wings ', to finally be
convinced of my own greatness '. Stop making myself smaller than I am. Accept myself and be proud of who I am, of what I can and what I do. This felt very true and it was very true. After the phone call the place between my shoulder blades started hurting very intensely and became very hot. After that, I forgot that I ever had any pain, the pain was completely GONE! I don't know what happened, what
Marian did. It is clear to me that the contact with 'above' did something through her. Of course I have to do something with this insight. The message for me was: be aware of your own magnificence and spread your wings. How wonderful!
Linda from Maastricht: Home purification 
Via an online search for someone who could purify my house and make it free of negative energy, I came across Marians site. My house was up for sale and had been empty for a while. I had a feeling that the reason was partly due to the negativity that dwelled in the house. Also I had a feeling that there was something holding me back in my daily life that was connected to the house, like something from the past that had not been dealt with yet, a loose end. What I immediately liked about Marian was her clear way of communicating and her level-headed approach to something that a lot of people, in my eyes, like to be wishy washy about. I wrote an e-mail and after that Marian contacted me for some more information.
Than the moment was there, and because of me experiences with the house I was a bit nervous. But this passed very quickly. Marian had already started outside the house and in the yard she explained to me what was there and what she had resolved. After this she systematically went through all the spaces. I stayed with her to answer possible questions. During the purification she explained to me what she encountered, how she was resolving it and what could possible be connected to it. It was kind of business-like, down to earth and not without humour.
I begun to feel a lot lighter, the disappearance of a burden of your shoulders is difficult to describe but was very tangible. The house now feels light, airy and my feeling that there still is a loose end is gone too. A remarkable experience that still makes me happy, thank you Marian!