In a house, where there is life, there is energy. The energetic energy in a house sets a mood that we (often) experience unconsciously. Would it not be a good idea to take care of your house, your home, just as you takes care of yourself? After all you spend a great deal of day and night time in it. It is good to be aware that your house may be contaminated by various energies resulting in an imbalance. These energies often have a negative effect on the well being or health of its inhabitants. Knowing this makes it evident that if you are striving for wellbeing, you will get much better results if your home also is balanced and free of negative energy. Your home is a part of you and vice versa.

Are you not sure if something is not right in your home, please contact me through the intake form for further information.
Sometimes it is very clear that your home is energetically contaminated, but often it is difficult to recognize. The energy of a contaminated house can be very subtle, making it look like the  things that are influencing you disadvantageously in your life, belong to you. You may think these influences simply belong to life if you are not aware of contamination in your home. Because everybody sometimes has a setback, disease or off day.
Some of the phenomena that may indicate an energetically contaminated house are: 
* Certain spaces or places feel heavy, give you a restless, anxious, suffocating or tired feeling.
* Unexplained things happen in your house, such as equipment or lamps that malfunction or break.
* Difficulty falling asleep or a restless sleep.
* Fatigue.
* Feeling the presence of something or someone, whilst no-one is there
* Cold gusts of wind and not being able to warm the house despite a heater. 
* Repeatedly having unexplained physical and/or mental health complaints.
When asked about what causes a contaminated house, often people’s first thoughts are the obvious entities, spirits or black magic. The largest part of most contamination, however is caused by the residents themselves (or ex-residents).
Negative emotions or emotional situations of a person like anger, irritation, depression, stress, grief, fear, irritation and so on often linger in a space for a long time. This depends on how intense and frequent the emotions are. These emotions then easily attract ‘souls that have died’ and have not found the light yet. They recognize and connect with this emotional residue of the residents and can cause ‘inconvenience’.