As a medium I tune in on you during a consultation, and we let the spirits decide. The advice and messages that we receive from the light world are loving and uplifting, positive and focused on your personal circumstances. Besides messages we also often encounter barriers from this or even past lives that may limit you on your path in life. With my guidance and interaction, you get clarity and insight, you become aware of the barrier. When these emotions are released and the process of letting go and transformation has started, you can follow your path again.
During the consultation I also work with healing to stimulate and restore you both physically and spiritually. Your body is being encouraged to use it’s self healing ability. I use healing techniques such as magnetizing, crystals and tarot cards.
Trance healing can be applied to any disease, every complaint and also with emotional blockages that cause stress,’ burn-out’ and depression and is a highly effective method. You can ask everything from the spirits, they love to work with us and show us that live does not end after dying. Of course this doesn’t mean that you get an answer to all your questions. Everything comes at its own place, and we cannot influence this . You are given what you can handle and what you need at that particular moment in your life.
You do not need to be spiritual for a consultation, the only thing that is important, is to open your heart to the messages you may receive.
Medium: contact with our deceased loved ones 
There is more between heaven and earth and a medium can confirm this. Both worlds exist. It is our world, in which we shape our lives and there is the world of light, where we go when we pass away.

A medium can sense the people in the spiritual world and translate the messages that they are giving into the physical world in which we live. This connection between you and the deceased loved one is very personal. Those who come through are grateful to work together with a medium in order to give evidence and personal messages.

Also for them it is special to have contact. Personality Traits, personal details, evidence of shared memories and/or experience, all come through from their expanded consciousness. The opinions and messages are very uplifting and loving and always positive.
The conscious recognition of this other reality is different for everyone.  For some it is a comforting thought that there are still opportunities to maintain contact with the deceased and that the bond of love will always exist and ultimately conquers death. Through objects or written names I receive direct information of the deceased one who you  still have an important relationship with.