According to the official definition, Tarot is a card game that is being used for divination. That is true, but not completely accurate.
Working with tarot can be seen as a way to gain insight into various aspects of daily life using the symbolism of the cards. You can use the tarot if you want insight on issues related to love, work, consciousness or your own development.
Tarot most certainly is not a way to predict the future. That would only be possible if we would live in a world where everything that will happen in the future is certain. A world where you have no influence on the things that happen in your own live. This is not the case.

Unlike many mediums I will not predict the future. I believe that predicting the future deprives you of the efforts you may need to reach a goal and blocks your development. I will however give you insights. These insights will help you to understand the situation and give you new possibilities to change things so that you may feel happier. For example insights into the reasons why your house has not been sold yet, why your relationship is not working out, why you have problems with your child and so on.
It is also important to realise that in tarot there are few cards with a single clear explanation. The way a card is read, affects the value that a certain card has.
Tarot cards never say what you should or should not do. You are responsible for your own life. The tarot cards can help you to gain insight into certain issues. The laying of tarot cards should never be the sole guidance in your life.