During a consultation, I work with a combination of methods I've mastered over the years. In this process I am lead by the Light World and inner knowledge from intuition and experience. By connecting with your energy, soul, inner child, guides and Angels I receive messages for you. These messages contain information that will help you move forward in your process or life path.

Sometimes I use Tarot cards as a technique to give you insight and healing. In a consultation I will also remove entities, if present and help you let go of old energy.  Addressing what motivates you and what is holding you back, gives you insight, awareness and the freedom to act upon it. Whatever you decide to do with this information is up to you, whether or not you choose to act upon it remains your personal choice.
In my opinion freedom of choice is important and I will always respect this.  The insights you will have, will give you the ability to release yourself of patterns that you no longer need and give you control over your own life and future happiness.
Inner growth depends on your own will and ability to act upon it. This way you learn to follow your heart
instead of your mind. I will gladly give you a helping hand to do this.
If you would like to make an appointment please fill in the registration form on this website.
In some cases it is possible for me to visit you at home or on location, please contact me for further information.