A spiritual coach is a counsellor, mentor, guide, social worker and motivational trainer. Coaching can help with many issues such as emotional problems, stress, disturbed relationships, fear of making decisions, life questions, loneliness and depression, questions about study, work and career and letting go of the past.
Spiritual coaching helps you to focus and discover what you want in the future and teaches you how to deal with the stress of work on your personal growth and self-knowledge. The power of self-knowledge is to feel intuitive about what is important for you, what gives you energy and satisfaction. This is necessary to make steps in living your dreams and a meaningful life.
Spiritual coaching is used to find more peace in this hectic time we live in, in which social media doesn’t stop and work is more and more demanding. We start to suffer from stress if we believe we have to participate in everything and if we are afraid we will not belong if we don’t go along with rest and do not want to miss out on anything. Thus making us incapable of feeling what we really need, and whom we really are. 
Spiritual coaching is for you if you want to find the balance in your life. This means accepting yourself as you are and learning to surrender and live in the moment, in the here and now. Regain your self-confidence, peace and inner-strength. Seeing yourself can be challenging because old patterns can be hard to break. Therefore it can be very enlightening to find out through one or more consultations, what is blocking you, what are your restricting beliefs and ineffective thoughts. 
The goal is always to broaden your horizon and to live according to your full potential, both at work and at home in order to get the maximum out of your life. It is important to feel comfortable and experience the richness of live at any moment, both at work as in private. To ask for help is a sign of strength, but not everybody has the courage to seek help. To me, seeking help means that you are truly motivated to step into your power. I would love you to experience for yourself how coaching works for you!

Getting this clear is the first step to see yourself as you are in all your purity. It will be a transforming experience. After this experience you may feel the need to use Spiritual coaching to support your new experiences in life. It can be a very logical next step. No question is the same, no path is the same. Everyone is unique and everyone has his own qualities. I would like to help you find and use them so you can find your own way.

Do you want to experience what coaching can do for you? You can make an appointment using the registration form on this website. 
In some cases it is possible for me to visit you at home or on location, please contact me for further information.